20 June 2012


Welcome to the a for architecture blog, intended to share thoughts on architecture, green building, and whatever else might come up.  I hope you'll participate and help make it a great place to share thoughts.    

So, why "A for Architecture"?  well, there's the obvious, architecture starts with the letter "a", and it's almost like the start of a cheer...Give me an A!  but it goes beyond that. 

There is often talk of architecture with a capital "A" which refers to high design architecture, the notable projects that are published and studied, so called "real" architecture.  Everyone has their own view of what "capital A" architecture is, many think of large commercial or institutional buildings designed by so called "starchitects."  However, it can be argued that all architecture has the potential of being "capital A" architecture to those who inhabit those places.  Most architects strive to design "capital A" architecture. 

We all know, or we all should know, the alphabet starts with the letter "a".  The first letter of the, or any, alphabet is often used to refer to a beginning, as in a start of a list or the term alpha referring to the beginning or start. Architecture represents beginnings and is often a beginning itself, the beginning of a business, a new phase of life, a new adventure or discovery.  Humanitarian architecture, by the likes of Habitat for Humanity or Architecture for Humanity, typically isn't considered "capital A" architecture by critics but it definitely represents beginnings for their occupants, better beginnings. 

This is my beginning.  Enjoy

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