16 August 2017

a [quote] for architecture [3]

"To truly make good public space, you have to erase the distinctions between architecture, urbanism, landscape [and] media design." 

- Liz Diller

03 August 2017

a [quote] for architecture [2]

"I am interested in certain persistent problems and how architecture can be a medium we can use to speak about broader issues and actually make people think about them differently."

- Jeanne Gang

28 July 2017

introducing: 'a [quote] for architecture'

sometimes a quote from a great thinker, artist, or architect validates our own thoughts or maybe causes us to stop and reconsider.  with this in mind, i'm happy to introduce; "a [quote] for architecture", where inspirational, inspiring, thoughtful, or otherwise notable words from others will be shared, i hope you enjoy and benefit.   the first....

"every great architect is, necessarily, a great poet"

- Frank Lloyd Wright

25 July 2017

presenting: 'a [word] for architecture'


a [word] for architecture is an a for architecture project focusing on words relevant to architecture.
periodically we will feature a word that we feel has a meaning appropriate to architecture.

share your own and let us know what you think in the comments section.
thanks for looking.