18 September 2017

a [word] for architecture [appreciate]


[uh-pree shee-eyt] verb: 
  1. to be grateful or thankful
  2. to value
  3. to be fully conscious of, aware
  4. to raise in value
an appreciation for architecture leads to an awareness of the spaces we occupy which, in turn, brings about a caring about the articulation of these spaces and, eventually, participation. 

making architecture fun and approachable is the start towards turning it into a lifelong exploration. by caring about our spaces one is inspired to push the shapers of space; architects, designers, engineers, and planners, to create places with the public interest at the forefront. This goes well beyond creating beautiful buildings to include spaces that educate, promote constructive dialog, inspire creativity, encourage exploration, are fair and equitable, accessible to all, and cherish all life now and in the future.

Explore your local architecture, share your appreciation with the people you care about and participate with your local community.  

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