07 November 2017

a [word] for architecture [aspire]


[uh-spahyuh r] verb: 

  1. to seek ambitiously
  2. be eager for something great 
  3. to rise up

aspiring for architecture means to strive for something truly exceptional.  This doesn't necessarily mean a high profile, high cost project, but one that accomplishes its goals and helps its users improve their life. it should be recognized that each project has a larger impact than its initial goals, there are lasting impacts throughout the life of the project.  whether a project for a single individual or an entire community, a project's impacts extend to all of those who interact with the project extending for many generations.  therefore aspiring for meaningful and positive impacts should be included in a project's goals.

always aspire for good design, as either a the designer, the client, or a community member.  an engaged community is a beautiful community.

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