10 April 2014

A is for Architecture on Exhibit

This month, "A is for Architecture", my recently published architectural children's book, will be on exhibit at the American Institute of Architects Headquarters in Washington DC,  as a part of the 2014 AIA Emerging Professionals Annual Exhibition.  For the exhibition, which is on view until April 30, 2014, the book was transformed into a poster where all twenty-six hand drawn illustrations each of which is accompanied by an architectural term, are displayed as a single sheet taking the viewer through the alphabet in a fun read that is pleasant and instructive.  I do hope this will be a fun place to stop among the 50 plus other projects that are part of the exhibition, the majority of which, understandably, are building projects.  

It is an unfortunate fact that many Americans receive no architectural instruction, are unaware of even the most notable architects, and often times, while they may appreciate specific buildings, don't find value in the profession.  Architecture is a part of our everyday lives, it is where we work, live, and play.  Therefore, it is important that we are all aware of the environment around us, both natural and built, as well as the people that help shape that environment and design the places we enjoy.

"A is for Architecture" was written, illustrated, and published to offer a way for parents, architects or otherwise, to introduce their children to architecture and start the conversation on being aware of, and having an appreciation for, the built environment.  Although written as a children's book, it is suitable for those of any age.  While readers are sure to recognize many of the buildings included, some lesser known, but still important, buildings and architects are featured.  The hope is that each drawing may peek an interest in architecture and invite the reader to explore further.  Teaching children about architecture in a fun and interactive way increases their awareness, interest, and, hopefully, participation.  This can only benefit the profession, the built environment, and society. 

"A is for architecture is available online at lulu.com and amazon.com

Visit the exhibition site here.