27 June 2016

New Allen Field Office

New Allen Field Office

Allen Field Innovative Design and Manufacturing uses variety of materials, textures, and colors to enliven their new corporate office on Long Island.  The renovation of this small office building in the suburbs of New York City gives Allen Field a new home that better represents its corporate vision while providing a comfortable work environment.  A nondescript office and warehouse in Brightwaters, NY was transformed into the new corporate office with a simple plan, new windows, glass garage doors, interior finishes and furniture.

A new centralized airlock entry provides a formal entrance to both Allen Field and its prototyping partner.  A large glass wall, with an obscured view into the meeting room beyond, greets visitors and is accessible to both offices it divides.  By providing a multi-use space, to be shared between offices, each office is allowed greater area for daily activities.  The glass walls not only announce entry but allows the meeting room to seal some daylight from the south entry and provide a counter to signage within the foyer.

Glass Enclosed Conference Room Adjacent to Entry, (Obscured glass & signage added since photo was taken.)

Private offices line the buildings south side while additional interior glazing allows daylight to penetrate into the large open office area beyond.  Windows to the west provide additional light as does a large glass roll-up garage door to the north.  The north side of the building also includes bathrooms, an open shipping area, that also allows light into the open office, and the kitchen and employee lounge.

The large glass garage door at the kitchen and employee lounge help to bring in the outside by allowing even north daylight to flood into the space while offering an opportunity for employees to connect to the outside.  This door opens onto a small landscaped area, abutting a residential property, allowing employees to literally open up the office to the outside, providing fresh air and the opportunity to dine al fresco or even catch a glimpse of nature while working.  This space also provides outdoor space for events hosted at the office, effectively enlarging usable space for clients and guests.

Glass Garage Door at Employee Lounge

Inside, color and material variation add visual interest and highlight features of the building.  The existing steel structure is highlighted with bright red paint not only to showcase the buildings structure but also to highlight the work floor and the circulation zones around it.  Visually bringing you around the space the structure boldly states its presence.  On the west, exterior, wall, a brick veneer relates to the existing masonry construction and provides a texture to the space in contrast to the gypsum board ceilings and walls.  A bright blue, the Allen Field corporate color, saturates the spaces opposite, east, wall and leads into the shared conference / meeting room, rounding out the space.

New mechanical systems even get a chance to make an elegant yet bold statement with overhead exposed spiral-duct and reflects off of indirect pendant fixtures hanging below.  Brightly finished ceiling and walls provide ample light throughout the space while minimizing the number of fixtures required.

The bold use of color is apparent within the space and adds dimension and interest to this relatively small corporate office.  With daylight, texture and color a previously dreary warehouse has been transformed into an exciting modern work space.

Office Interior