21 November 2017

a [word] for architecture [act]


[akt] noun: 
  1. the act of being done
  2. in the progress of doing
  3. formal decision 
  1. to do something
  2. produce an affect 
  3. preform a function 

we can act for architecture, by engaging citizens and professionals in the design process to formulate unique and specific solutions that address issues that affect the immediate, regional, and global context, architecture can be a transformative catalyst that will act for our communities. this can only be achieved with a respect and cooperation between stakeholders that are committed to accomplish the task at hand.  

action can take place at many levels.  architecture and building professionals must make a commitment to take an integrative, holistic approach to all projects that equally considers social, environmental, and economic factors. community members can act by pushing those building professionals to create truly sustainable projects, advocating for specific policies or projects that have real and lasting benefits that improve our lives.  

by taking an active role in projects, from design through construction, members of the project team member, along with the community will have buy-in and develop a real desire to do things right.  acting together builds lasting and effective projects and relationships.  

you can act by reaching out to your local building community, put quality and thoughtfulness first.  this will result in a built environment in harmony with its surroundings.

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